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In Dog Training

We are designed to work with guardians who would like to
make a significant difference for their special pets.  To
achieve a level where the pets and their guardians would join,
and to share the ultimate happiness together.

Depending on the complexity of the case, the degrees of
dedications are needed to make this happen.

Furthermore, this involves the removal of barriers and
inhibitions, through increasing knowledge and understanding.

We apply our original, proprietary approach, "
Channel to the
" .  This is a very gentle way for the pets to learn, and to
enjoy while they are learning.  The ultimate dog training is an
art (with science as a support) because it requires working
outside of the box at times, and to switch on an instance
based on the response.  A fixed recipe, on the other hand,
may not effect a difference in some cases.

In all honesty, for the complicated cases, it would be
impossible to make a difference, without the help and
devotion of the guardians.

In Pet Care and Dog Walking

Safety and comfort are our top priorities.  We carry one step
beyond to safeguard your pets while they are under our care.

"Channel to the Heart"  is a registered service mark of
Canine Learning with Finesse.
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