Canine Learning with Finesse

Finesse 1994-2005
Esther & Finesse

Company Philosophy

To serve as a pathway for the dogs and their guardians to join and share the ultimate happiness together, and to enhance their quality of life by removing barriers and increasing understanding.

  • State of the art dog training – Channel to the Heart
  • Gentle & Kind
  • Powerful & Rewarding


“Channel to the Heart” is an original, proprietary approach used throughout the specialized training. There are many facets involved and the resulting benefits are enormous, especially in calming of shy and fearful dogs through rebuilding their confidence and regaining their strength.

Mission Statement

  • To cultivate with patience, finesse, and kindness.
  • To enhance, enrich, and to bring about maximum
    understanding in all facets of the learning.
  • To provide quality pet care to maximize comfort and
    minimize stress in the owner/guardian’s absence.

“Channel to the Heart” is a registered service mark of Canine Learning with Finesse.

Whiskers & Esther