Buddy & Odette in training
Cala in training

About the Trainer

Esther is a certified dog trainer from the Marin Humane Society. She holds a degree in Bacteriology from the University of California, Davis and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She worked as a research scientist at the School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis and was involved in the discovery of the Feline AIDS Virus which was published in the Journal of Science. She also worked as a senior chemist, operations supervisor and validation engineer.

Esther studied extensively in the ancient martial arts in calming, namely Tai Chi, in additional to four other martial arts including Chi (the art of breathing). She taught Tai Chi, and other interests included growing Orchids and various types of plants. She received the member of the year award from the Porsche Club of America, Golden Gate Region.

Esther attended and continues to attend various workshops, including clicker training, working with fearful dogs, the different faces of aggression, Dr. Ian Dunbar science-based dog training with feeling, SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, and the Marin Humane Society Canine Behavior Academy.

“Channel to the Heart” is an unique method of communication utilizing knowledge, creativity, awareness, sensitivity, calmness, timing, mechanics, cultivation, patience, finesse and kindness.

“Channel to the Heart” is a registered service mark of Canine Learning with Finesse.

Bruce in training
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