To cultivate with Patience, Finesse & Kindness
Cala & Barbara


“Esther Ho is an excellent dog trainer. Once Esther has worked with the dog, she then teaches the human companion how to handle her/his dog. Thanks to Esther’s training and communication, Cala can now walk the neighborhood and enjoy herself. Esther is passionate about working with dogs and has her own unique method of communication, Channel to the Heart.”

Barbara Whitcomb

“Buddy was adopted and was totally unsocialized with humans. When the Animal Services Bureau deemed him unadoptable, I decided to take him home. He had immediately bonded with my other dog, and was easily house broken, but he did not know how to walk up or down stairs, and was very fearful of all men including my husband.

Esther Ho began to work with Buddy and the result is noticeable to everyone who has known Buddy. He has learned the commands, and will readily play with human friends in the back yard. He is relaxed, confident and much happier since he met Esther, and she deserves my and my husband’s gratitude.”

Nancie Glenk Janiak

“I am more than satisfied with Esther Ho! She has calmed my Border Collie, Claire, down to the point that walking her is now a PLEASURE!
Thank you, Esther.”

Edna Bohannon, Ph.D