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Services We Provide

The list below are the services and products available.

Basic training
Training walks
Pet care
  • Specialized in calming of shy and fearful dogs
  • Training – behavior modification (jumpy, mouthy, handling, house-soiling, mild resource guarding, chewing, digging, counter surfing, food stealing)
  • Training – basic obedience, impulse control, tricks
  • Training walks – no pull, loose leash walking
  • Pet care/pet sitting – (dogs,cats, birds, fish)
  • Counseling – pre/post adoption

Many clients are by referrals but this is not a requirement. First appointment is by phone, second one is a home visit. Depending on the nature of the case or the scope of work, the training/pet care may be scheduled after the second visit.

Pet care – enables you to leave home with peace of mind since safety and comfort are in place for your pets.

Thank you for inquiring about our web site. We are looking forward to working with you and your loved ones soon!

Esther’s email:
Phone number: 510-676-2896

Brutus din din time
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