Voices from within by Woofy

2/18/07 Sunday
“Lead – I will follow & be happy.”
“Mislead- I must follow & be sad.”

2/23/07 Friday
“Be aware that whenever there is a sudden movement change,there is also a possibility of an automatic reaction (not caused by aggression) which may cause irreversible damage to a smaller pet, when two friendly pets are left alone. The risk of damage is higher when the difference in size between two pets is larger.”

3/31/07 Saturday
“Please ensure my fate by defining future plans in your will because I need the same level of kindness and care , should you no longer be with me anymore.”

4/01/07 Sunday
“There is a day and night difference between being calm and being in a shut-down mode. Do not mistaken a shut-down condition as being calm (calm is good, shut-down is bad!).”

5/22/07 Tuesday
“Please have all the facts before you conclude an evaluation. Be sure to meet in person because a pet may not have a chance for survival, if the evaluation is not based on truth.”

6/26/07 Tuesday
“An important date to remember: Today Channel to the Heart, is registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.”